Drapery Ideas

Many homes can feel cold, dull and in need of a welcoming feel with the absence of well thought out window treatments. However, with these drapery ideas, any home is sure to give the warm and inviting feeling that the owner desires.

Roman Shades

Roman shades have taken the home décor industry by storm. With their classic and clean-cut look, these drapes are the kind that can often be found in top homemaker magazines. Roman shades vary from typical window shades or blinds in that they stack evenly when opened. They also come in looped, classic and seamless styles, giving different dimensional options. While roman shades are great sun blockers, the one key feature that many prefer is their adjustable height feature, as they are adjusted by a cord mechanism. Another feature to note, these shades can be found in everything from wood to fabric to bamboo.

Tab Tops

Tab top curtains are a fun and sophisticated option for any window treatment. From modern and sleek to traditional and elegant, this type of drape has long been a popular choice. Tab top drapes are typically designed in two-piece window treatments with narrow straps looped at the top edge of each drape, forming the location in which the curtain rod is inserted. They often create a separated and loose fit look at the top that does not have a bunched style, which only adds to their popularity. Like other drapes, they can be found in many colors and patterns and are an excellent option for subtle style in window décor.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, are some of the most energy efficient drapery ideas and are quickly becoming a trendy choice of style. By adding two or more layers that are connected at the pleats, air-trapping compartments are made within the shades that work to block out heat. Much like roman shades in style, these money saving window shades come in many colors and exposure such as sheer and double insulated layers. While these shades are very eco-friendly and have gained much attention by designers and homeowners alike because of their unique features, it is important to note that they can be hard to remove once installed.


Grommet style drapery ideas have become a sensational trend. With the added clean and crisp look, this style lends a fresh appearance to any room in the house. While many may only see this accessory as a basic fraying preventive, grommets are quickly proving this idea wrong. With the use of grommets, many designers create dynamic and rich folds in drapery giving shape and form. Like many drapery accessories, grommets come in all shapes and sizes, some being brass, gold, bronze and brushed metallic. Another grommet appeal is the fact that they can be individually installed with no sewing and no tools needed.

Layered Look

Similar in energy efficiency to the honeycomb shades, layered drapes are cost saving options for comfortable and appealing drapery. Designed to keep interior temperatures warm in winter months and chilled during the summer, these window panels lend a top of the line look. Aside from the all-in-one layered curtains, a layered look can be created with the use of two or more fabrics that go well with contrasting layers. For example, sheer curtains may be used behind solid drapes for added dimension, although layering can be done with almost any material and there are really no boundaries when it comes to a layered look.

With drapes as a starting point for the ultimate in home decoration, the prospects of style and character that can be added with looks such as these are limited only by one’s imagination.